Buying Guide: Baby Clothing

Here at Refined Toys, our buying guides makKids Clothing Refined Toyse shopping for your baby’s clothes a whole lot easier. We’ve put together guides on everything you need to know, from finding the right size shoe to selecting out clothing that are wardrobe essentials (as well as finding ones that are perfect for special occasions).

One rule of buying babies clothing is that you’d need more outfits than you think. This is because no matter how much you try to prevent it, your baby’s cloth will still have to get grubby.

And although getting the appropriate cloth size for your baby is good, how comfy they’d feel wearing such is more important. Your baby’s comfort should not be disregarded for the sake of a flashy appearance.

Always go for natural, breathable fabrics to avoid irritation and wash new clothes before their first wear to make them softer on skin.

Dressing a wriggly baby can be difficult to start with, but once you’ve done it many times, it becomes less difficult to do.

The idea here is to look for clothes that are easy to put on, with simple fasteners such as poppers. You can save all the cute, colourful clothes for when you’re ready to introduce your new born baby to the outside world.

Layering is the secret to dressing babies. You can keep them warm and make sure they don’t run temperature in warm rooms by just taking off a layer. This is because babies can’t control their own temperature but you’d be able to tell if they’re done enough.

Furthermore, just like adults, babies too have clothes for different occasions and weather conditions. It all just boils down to knowing what cloth to dress your baby, while they’re indoors, outdoors, or even in climatic conditions; such as winter or spring.