Buying Guide: Bottle Feeding and Accessories

Feeding babies are not just about giving them food to eat or breastfeeding them. It’s a lot more than that. This is because as babies grow, their feeding patterns tend to change for each stage of their development. This guide is written to help put you through the basics of how well to feed your babies properly.

Bottle Feeding and Accessories

Bootle feeding

Bottle warmers

A Bottle warmer is a product designed to help heat or keep a baby’s food warm or at the right temperature. There are so many different brands of bottle warmers which come in different sizes. So whether you need to heat up one bottle of milk or jar of food, bottle warmers are there to help you do that. All you need do is to simply place the bottle in the central vessel of the warmer, fill it around with water, and switch it on. It has an element in it that heats the water, which in turn heats the bottle.

Parents have come to appreciate the importance of these bottle warmers, as some of their babies are more particular than others about having their meals at the right temperature. These baby warmers, therefore, make it easy to get things thoroughly and evenly warm, quickly. Plus, they no longer worry about having to clean up, as there are no dishes to wash afterwards.


A steriliser is a unit that helps you to do a cleaning job quickly and easily; depending on what exactly it is, and in this case – baby feeding bottles, warmers and dishes etc. As we all know, harmful bacteria can always grow quickly in milk, and that’s why it is always advisable that you continue to sterilise all of what your babies use in feeding until your baby is a year old.

It’s also important that you always wash your baby bottles and teats before you sterilise them; using hot soapy water or using a brush, and then rinsing it well with water. Even breast pumps require sterilisation.

If you plan to breastfeed, be careful. Some bottle warmers may not be approved for breast milk, as they may change the properties of the milk.

But here at Refined Toys, we are sure to provide you with the best assortments of bottle warmers you may need. They’re safe to use. Be sure to browse through the collections of our baby feeding accessories.

Bottle brush

There’s no single best baby bottle brush, and finding the right one for your baby can be so tiring, but one must be patient in finding what best suits their baby.

Baby bottles brush come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why you’d need a collection of tools to get them clean.

Here at Refined Toys, we offer a wide range of baby feeding, soothing and hygiene products that help make baby and toddler feeding easy and convenient for mothers.

Breastfeeding and Accessories

breast feeding

Breast pumps

A breast pump is a device that takes out milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. These devices come in manual forms and electrical forms. The manual devices are either powered by hand or foot movements, and the electrical devices powered by batteries or electricity from the grid.

These breast pumps will serve its purpose for working mothers and mothers who are always on-the-go, as their babies can still benefit from their milk when they’re not around. Be sure to browse through our range of collections for the right breasts pumps for you and your baby.

Weaning and Accessories



Highchairs are those pieces of furniture designed for feeding older babies or younger ones. They are made with the intent of making it easy for mothers to feed their young ones while standing, and at the same time; keeping an eye on their babies. This is because the seats of these chairs are raised to a level above the ground. Even cleaning up after meal is very easy to do.

Highchairs come in different styles and prices, but it’s always ideal to go for those that can provide you with the comfort you need, and will be able to withstand several years of daily use.

Here at refined toys, we’ve got both wooden and plastic highchairs; offering you the best of both worlds. They’re durable and easy to clean. Be sure to get tips for choosing a highchair that’s strong enough and easy to clean from the wide variety of styles and prices in our store.

Disposable bibs

Here at Refined Toys, our collection of bibs are made of the best quality. They’re perfect for any on-the-go or at-home mealtime event. Our disposable bibs are certain to keep your hungry little child protected from food stains, and they’re as well as easy to carry about are ideal for keeping in your changing bag.

Reusable bibs

A bib is an important item/clothing for any new mum to help ease the pressure on the washing machine. Nowadays, adult who have difficulty in eating without having to get their clothe stained, also have their own Reusable adult bib. And that’s not a problem, because here at Refined Toys, we’ve also got you covered.

At Refined Toys, we offer an assortment of Reusable bibs in their different colours and patterns. This is because we believe mealtime should be fun and relaxing, so that your baby child can enjoy their mean better. Our Reusable bibs are washable and latex free, for easy wear and comfort. Be sure to browse through our collection of Reusable Bib selection. We are certain you won’t be disappointed.


Tableware is the dishes or dishware used for setting a table, serving food and dining. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative purposes.

Explore our luxury tableware range to suit every setting. Made from a host of decadent materials such as fine bone china, porcelain and even silver & gold plating, there are luxurious designs in every style and taste imaginable. Find an abundance of tableware sets for every dining occasion