Buying Guide: Baby Travel, Safety & Comfort

video monitors

Video Baby Monitors

Video baby monitors are a must have for new parents. These inventions allow you to keep an eye on your baby child from a different room or from any place in the house, giving you that assurance that your child is okay wherever they are and with whatever they may be doing. As such, it makes it easier for you to go about your day and it lets you know when your baby needs you.

However, there are a lot of video baby monitors available today which may leave you confused as to which to choose. This is why, here at Refined Toys, we have in store for you the finest selections of the best video baby monitors in the market, this way, you can always observe a live feed of your baby sleeping, playing, or eating safe and soundly.

Digital Audio Monitors

Audio Baby Monitors are the best inventions when it comes to clear reception. With this monitors, you can always stay connected to your little one.
Here at Refined Toys, we have all the newest inventions in baby monitoring technology. We have one of the finest selection of quality audio systems so that you’re made aware the moment your baby starts to cry. Be sure to browse through our store collection, you will be glad you did.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Like everything else in this digital age that has become technologized, baby monitors have advanced too. When it comes to baby monitors, there are so many different types from different brands and models, covering all sorts of functions you may have never know of. This then makes choosing the right one for you and your baby, stressful and cumbersome.
But not to worry, because here at Refined Toys, we offer the best ranges of Wi-Fi baby monitors you can ever think of.

Thermometers and Humidifiers

Humidifiers and thermometers


Since thermo means heat and meter; a measuring device, we can then say that a thermometer is a device that measures temperature. Thermometers are used to see if you have a fever or tell you how cold it is outside. But choosing the right thermometer can be somewhat exhausting.

This is because there are so many different types of thermometer available in today’s market. And as such, before purchasing any thermometer out there, it is important that you understand the different range of products available to you.

You should also understand and consider each type of thermometers applicability for various different uses.

But be rest assured that here at Refined Toys, we offer the best range of thermometers you can ever dream of.


Just like thermometers, a humidifier is a device that increases the moisture in or of an environment. Keep your surrounding smelling good always with our good quality humidifiers from our store collection; here at Refined Toys.

Whether it’d be for home use, car use, office use, storage room use or wherever, be sure to browse through our wide range of humidifiers brands from us here at Refined Toys.

Safety Gates and Playpens


Safety gates and playpens are designed to help you prevent your tots from tumbling down the stairs or getting into other areas of the home that are unsafe. Several styles are available for blocking children at an open doorway, at stairs, or from entering a hallway.

Some gates are pressure-mounted between walls or doorjambs and are very easy to set up. However, test it first to make sure it can be installed so tightly that your child can’t shift it.

Pressure Fit Gates

Whilst setting up a Pressure Fit Gate, be sure to install with wall cups to stop it from slipping if your child falls against it.

Baby proof your house with our extensive selection of pressure fit gates here at Refined Toys. Be sure to browse through our range of collections.

Dog & Pet Gates

Our collection of dog gates comes in a range of sizes, styles and equipment to fit your pet’s needs and your home’s décor.

They’re adjustable to fit most doorways; and pet gates are an easy way to restrict your precious pup’s access to rooms, stairs and other areas of your home. Instead of having an anxious pup on your hands, they’ll be in a safe and secure environment. No matter the size of your dog, you’ll find an option that works.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your furred loved one with our Refined Toy collection of dog gates.

Retractable Safety Gates

This exquisitely designed Retractable Safety Gate is an ideal choice to help prevent your baby (ies) from entering into certain unwanted areas in the home.

These Retractable safety gates are designed to be durable, easy to use, and perform one-handed operation.  They can be used anywhere including the top or bottom of stairs, indoors, or outdoors. They’re reliable security for your baby, pet, child or infant.

Browse through our store collections here at Refined Toys, we are certain to provide you with the best of what suits your needs.

Fireguards & Hearthguards

The fireguard is perfect for use in a home with babies and young toddlers. This is because it keeps you babies away from sharp edges, and it’s very easy to assemble.

Hearth guards are gates designed to protect your tender babies from injury. Like Fireguards, they’re also very easy to assemble; and they don’t even have to clash with the room’s décor.

Increase the safety of your home today with our range of gates & playpens.

Keep your home safe for your younger ones with our Fireguard gates and Hearth guard gates from our store collections here at Refined Toys.

Shop a wide variety of sizes and styles from top brands available here at Refined Toys.


A playpen offers a safe place for baby to play. Playpens are pieces of furniture in which your baby can play, relax, or take a nap. They are play yards that can be setup in any room so you can keep your baby close by. They come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Here at Refined Toys, we offer best variety of playpens of different brands. Many of our play yards are lightweight and portable. They’re easy to assemble and can be move about, from indoor-to-outdoor events; anytime and any day.

Browse playpens from our Refined Toys collection, as we offer them in assortment of sizes, colours, and designs to find the one that’s perfect for your baby, you, and your home.

Car seats

car seats


All children need a car seat from birth until 12 years old (or until they are 135cm tall. The first thing to however note is that when choosing a car seat, it needs to be rear-facing until your child’s over 9kg, or older than 15 months if you’re using an i-Size seat.

ISOFIX seats

ISOFIX seats are car seat safety system that ensures the safeness of your child, while you journey out with them on a drive. Child car seats can be set up using ISOFIX fittings or car seat belts. But how do you decide on the best car seat installation for your car?

Here at Refined Toys, we offer the best selection of ISOFIX seats there is and you can be sure to trust us, as our products are very reliable and durable; ensuring the safety of your young one. It’s however important that you install this seat correctly too.

I-Size seats

I-Size is a safety regulation which aims to make car seats safer for children. It’s designed to keep children rear-facing for longer, better side impact protection, and it makes car seats easier to fit correctly.

At Refined Toys, You can trust our I-Size seats because they’re sure to offer your children maximum protection, and they’re easy to install as it simply clicks onto your car’s ISOFIX anchor points, and they fit almost all cars with ISOFIX.

Be sure to browse through our collections of automobile, to find out the best I-Size seats that best suit your child.

Finding the right size for your baby

It’s important to check your little ones weight and height just before you go shopping for a car seat because UK car seats are usually classed by weight or height (through EU I-Size safety standard)

Does it fit your car?

Ensure that your seat of choice is compatible with your vehicle.

Group 0/1

Age and weight: from birth to 18kg (approx.4 years).

Group 2/3

Are suitable from 15kg until 36kg, or until your child is 135cm tall.