Buying Guide: Infant To Toddler Bouncers & Baby Swing Or Rockers



A bouncer seat (or bouncy seat) is a flexible and not so inexpensive piece of baby equipment that your baby can use from day one. It’s especially helpful at the early stages of your baby’s growth, to lay them down while you excuse yourself to attend to one or two things quickly


Bouncers are sometimes called bouncy chairs, and they differ in their designs; from simple to sensational. They are a must have for every new parent; because they are really effective.

The most basic bouncers are made with cushioned cloth support on reclining metal frames, which “bounces” with a baby’s movements. The fabric seats are designed to fit in baby’s shape, offering your baby maximum comfort, lasting for several months.

You have the option of choosing between a simple model that moves when the baby moves or a model that vibrates, plays music, hold electronics within baby’s view, and fold flat for storage or travel.

Some bouncers are made from natural materials like wood; others of plastic or metal. Thus it’s recommended that new parents purchase bouncers that are not only designed to entertain babies but bouncers that will aid in the development of their muscle and body.

At Refined Toys, we off the best brands of baby bouncers and rockers, we however advise you to familiarise yourself with the instructions before placing your baby in a bouncer.

What to look for when buying

Batteries vs. plug-in: Several bouncer seats are driven by a battery-operated motor. But you have the preference of choosing a model with a plug-in option.

Safety straps: In selecting a bouncer, bear in mind that the bouncer will need a 3-point harness to keep your baby from falling out. But usually a 5-point harness, which includes over-the-shoulder straps, is safer.

Motion: Some bouncers rock, vibrate, or even glide side-to-side on their own. There are also those that bounce in response to a baby’s kicks.

Sturdy frame: Choose a bouncer with a wide, firm frame that’s low to the ground so it won’t tip if your baby leans to one side. It should also be able to fold or disassemble easily for storage or travel purposes.

Removable seat cover:  Baby drools, spit-up, and diaper overflow are common in a baby’s early months, so look for a seat with a removable-washable cover.

Comfortable seat: Make certain that the seat cushion of the bouncer is well padded and comfy. You may want a seat that stretches out in several positions or converts to a toddler seat.

Extras: The bouncer should have fun features such as toy bars, mobiles, and sun canopies. Some bouncers play children’s songs or soothing sounds, and some come with a hook-up for your MP3 player so you can play your favourite tunes.

Baby swings or rockers

baby swings or rockers 2

For many stressed out new moms and dads, a baby swing can be of great assistance to them. They somewhat imitate the steady rocky motion of a woman’s womb. Not all babies would love this motion, and so it’s advisable to first try out a friend’s or neighbours’ baby’s swing before purchasing one.

Baby swings are most useful during your baby’s first few months. You could lay them to rest while you go by doing one or two things.

A swing can however, not perform the same function as a human would, which is why most experts recommend limiting swing time to an hour or less a day when your baby’s awake.

What to look for when buying

Battery or plug-in: Many baby swings function on a battery-operated motor, but there are those of them that require a plug-in model option. The motor produces a humming noise that may sound soothing to some babies, and to some-not so soothing.

Safety harness: Full-size swings are designed to have a fixed harness restraint system to protect your baby from falling out of the swing seat. Swings with a 5-point harness, which includes over-the-shoulder straps, are safer than those with a 3-point harness.

Speed and motion: Most swings rock head-to-toe, but some cradle versions offer a side-to-side rocking motion that your baby may find more soothing.  Certain swings may offer multiple speeds starting at the lowest speed and varying according to your baby’s preference.