Coupons, Discounts and Giveaways

Despite our low-profit-margin on most of our items, we still go a step further to offer free product giveaways, deep discounts and more. This is because we are big believers of economies of scale and don’t see any future where our average customer want higher prices as opposed to lower prices, infinite selection and great customer service.
This is why we operate on a low-profit-margin and high selling volume strategy. This means we’re fine with making a few pennies on an item so far we sell a lot of it to compensate for our low prices and grow our brand in the process.

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Here’re are some offers you may use:

  • Get 3% off when you spend over £100 (code: 3%off4me)
  • Get 2% off reward coupon after every purchase (email would be sent to you)
  • Get up to 5% when you spend £100 and pay via bank transfer (coming soon)
  • Save even bigger on wholesale orders!