Please read our wholesale service terms and conditions page for disclaimers and other information you need to know before you proceed to place a wholesale order through our service.

We have a track record of delivering a wide selection of products at the best retail prices in the UK/EU marketplace. We are big believers of economies of scale because we don’t see any future where our average customer want higher rates as opposed to lower prices, infinite selection and an excellent customer service. The goal of this is simple: We get more orders which enables us to enjoy better discounts across our distribution chain which leads us to lower prices. That’s why welcome wholesale orders not just for Refined Toys branded products but for other products we offer.

How it works

You send a wholesale service order request to us.
We send you an invoice once we approve your request (this is subject to stock availability and our discretion)
You make payments (using the method your preferred payment method)
Sit back and relax and your item would come to you soon!

How we help you save big

Perhaps the 2 big points are time and money.

1. Time

You don’t need to spend hours sifting through google search results and supplier directories with some of which come with a pay-wall and are filled with suppliers you feel are sketchy.

You don’t have to spend time waiting for a response from a distributor/manufacturer only to be asked for more documentation which you may not have.

2. Money

You don’t need to spend money on premium distributor directories only to find a supplier you want but can’t meet the minimum order requirement.

You don’t have to order more items(and incur more risks) just to get a discount from a supplier. With us, your risks are lowered, and you may get to save costs.

Take the following scenarios:

1). Supplier A wants you to spend £500 to qualify for free shipping otherwise you’d have to pay £11 for shipping.

2). Supplier B wants you to spend a minimum of £300 to place an order on their site

We spend £2000 on wholesale purchases for each supplier and get a 5% discount. Now assuming you spend £300 with us we pass this discount benefit to you, and this saves you £15!

We also get discounts with the couriers we use because of our high volume activity with them (assume it’s 15% off the standard market delivery price). Now you also benefit from this.

Although we may not use our standard couriers to deliver your item, we will endeavour to find the cheapest and most reliable delivery method to get the item to you! Got it?

How to make a wholesale order

  • Fill this form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with an invoice if your request is approved
  • You are required to pay for your order within two working days after the invoice is sent and we work on getting your products to you
  • If there are any issues, we work on solving it asap to the benefit of every party. That’s it!

Note: We usually take about 10 hours to confirm bank transfers.

Other information

Minimum order value for wholesale orders: £150

Have any concerns or question? Message us, and we’d get back to you within 24 hours!


What is your minimum order value?


What’s your deliver time for wholesale orders?

Delivery time for wholesale orders (after payment confirmation is made): 1-4 business days

What’s your profit margin on wholesale orders?

We’re not required to reveal this information, but here’s the answer for non-Refined Toys branded items: under 4%! And we make this lower based on your order value or payment method. For example: Paying via direct transfer can save you 3% (because we don’t get to include Paypal/Stripe process fees!)

Where can I read about your terms and conditions for wholesale orders?

Please read our terms of service page for disclaimers and other information you need to know before you proceed to place a wholesale order through our service.