Why Shop With Us?

We understand there are millions of merchants vying for your attention and it may just be hard to come to a decision. We’re here to help you with that.

Secure shopping

Payments on our website are DIRECTLY processed through Stripe and PayPal via a 256-bit SSL encryption.As a verified merchant in these industry-leading platforms, this means you’re in safe hands!
Even your basic/public information (name, etc) which may be stored in our servers are encrypted with the same technology used by industry leading banks (256-bit SSL encryption).


We at Refinedtoys.co.uk are big believers of economies of scale because we don’t see any future where our average customer want higher prices as opposed to lower prices, infinite selection and great customer service.
This is why we operate on a low-profit-margin and high selling volume strategy. This means we’re fine with making a few pennies on an item so far we sell a lot of it to compensate for our low prices and grow our brand in the process. Got it?

Now it’s not hard to see why some of our prices are just the best in the UK/EU marketplace!

We’re always optimising our operations to reduce costs and risks which then translate to even lower prices across the board.

No minimum order value to qualify for free UK delivery

We offer free UK delivery on ALL items in our store. So you don’t have to go over your budget in a bid to qualify for free delivery or for delivery.

Discounts and giveaways that count

Despite our low-profit-margin on most of our items, we still go a step further to offer free product giveaways, deep discounts and more.
Fast delivery

All you have to do is sit back, relax and your package will be delivered to your doorstep within the estimated time.

No hassle and free returns on qualifying items

We know that it can be a little nerve-wracking ordering goods or services for the first time through our website. That is why we offer a 28-day return policy for all of our products.

If you’ve received a wrong or faulty item, we would replace the item free of charge or refund you in full (including for shipping). Please read more about our returns policy to know how this process works.

We ship anywhere

We are willing to ship your item to you no matter where you are in the world so far as it’s not against the UK jurisdiction. Contact us for more details.

Large selection of products

We offer thousands of products from top brands, so there’s always something to meet your needs.

High quality and authentic products

We deal directly with certified manufacturers and distributors of most of the products sold on our website.

We endeavour to make sure the products we sell on our website meets the industry standards.

Customers over profits

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a business and would like to make some money to pay our bills as well as expand. But we wouldn’t sacrifice the long term over the short term and that’s why we go through great lengths to make sure we endeavour to meet every customer needs even if it comes at a loss on the short term.

A team dedicated to service

We endeavour to make sure every member of our team is passionate about the art of service.

We believe every customer is a VIP and deserves equal attention irrespective of the number of orders they’ve made with us.

We don’t do only retail

We’re not just in the business of buying and selling for profit. We’re also in the business of launching products that are geared towards changing status quo for the better while giving customers what they want (great products at a great price and a great shopping experience).

Easy and accessible shopping

No more traffic jams, crowds, and long queues! Shop securely anytime, anywhere via your computer and mobile phone through our sleek website and without stress.

Innovative and futuristic

We’re proud supporters Hyperloop because we believe technology like that can help lead to even faster order fulfilment in the e-commerce industry.

Run by Shoppublico Limited

Shoppublico Limited is dedicated to making an actual difference in the e-commerce industry by levelling the playing field for buyers and sellers around the world.

Through Shoppublico, small business owners in Africa and other parts of the world can now effortlessly participate in international trade without emptying the bank.


These and much more set us apart from the millions of merchants out there. So feel free, shop now.